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While dedicated servers are beneficial to many businesses, they aren’t for everyone. Before you invest in a dedicated server, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a lot of web sites that need hosting or require a lot of bandwidth?
  • Is the data on your web site very sensitive, such as peoples’ social security or credit card numbers?
  • Are you running large e-commerce applications that require more memory and bandwidth?
  • Are you running a mission critical website?

If you have answered, “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then you are ready to take the plunge. The question now becomes which company should you employ as your host. With more and more web hosting companies jumping on the band wagonof dedicated hosting, the options can be overwhelming.

What do you look for in a host? What’s a fair price for the service? Do you need to invest in additional technology?  These and other options should be your priority.Why trust us with your dedicated server?

High Performance hosting environment:

We have a proven track record of 17 years of providing high performance dedicated and managed server hosting in certified SAS Type II data centers. Furthermore, ADTI hosts web servers for federal and governmental agencies where high performance, security and availability are of paramount importance.

Leading Physical and Network Security:

Our approach to providing physical and networking for servers goes beyond simple security tasks and activities. Our approach to network security is based on “defense in depth”. This involves layering a variety of technical security mechanisms such that if one is breached the other protective systems carry on the task of protecting the network. Data centers have online 24/7/365 security guards and surveillance cameras that provide physical support.

Best practice in monitoring and reporting:

We take a pro-active approach to monitoring and reporting. For example: collection of automated network wide monitoring tools inside ADTI’s check network, automated tools that monitor critical infrastructure components such as routers, switches etc and external third party monitoring and reporting services.


With 17 years  of web hosting experience ADTI knows the ins and outs of web hosting. This is further supported by the fact that Mike Salim (Chief Technology Officer and Senior Project Manager) has the unique hand on experience of building the internet backbone. He was an active participant of team that revamped the internet backbone in 1989-1993 as directed by National Science Foundation.

High Degree of Scalability:

ADTI provides scalable solutions to its clients. For example, the data centers combined have about 15000 square feet of available space and can host literally hundreds of servers. Our scalable solutions also include equipment, office space and qualified manpower.


ADTI’s dedicated server hosting clients appreciate the fact that they can get additional Add-on services should they have a need. For example, we have a team of in-house engineers, programmers and web developers; we can provide spam filtering and exchange hosting to name a few. This saves headaches and times for our clients.

Dedicated Server Plans

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Linux Hosting
Starting at $199/month


  • Linux Centos 5
  • Sendmail & qmail
  • Sshd and ssh
  • Pro FTP, SFTP (Secure FTP)
  • Optional at no charge:
  • JSP/Tomcat, python, perl
  • many other packages (contact us)


  • Intel 2.0GHz or better
  • 50 GB Data Transfer
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2x250 GB Hard Drive RAID1/mirror

Standard Features

  • LIVE tech support 24/7/365
  • Multiple OC3 & OC12 connections
  • Monthly contracts (no commitment needed)
  • Discounts for annual commitment
  • Full root access (ssh)
  • Burstable bandwidth
  • Firewall security capabilities
  • LIVE tech support 24/7/365
  • 100% USA Based Tech Support
  • LIVE MRTG bandwidth reporting
  • Switched network & load balancing
  • Industry best practices in security
  • Level 3 systems administrators
  • 99.999% network uptime SLA
  • Fast Deployment of server
  • SAS Type II data center
  • Servers monitored every 2.5 minutes
  • Setup $299 FREE Set Up

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Windows Server Hosting
Starting at $229/month


  • Windows 2008
  • IIS, ASP
  • Secure FTP
  • Optional at no charge:
  • .NET, WSS
  • SQL 2008 Express
  • PHP, MySQL
  • many other packages (contact us)


  • Intel 2.0GHz or better
  • 50 GB Data Transfer
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2x250 GB Hard Drive RAID1/mirror

Standard Features

  • LIVE tech support 24/7/365
  • Multiple OC3 & OC12 connections
  • Monthly contracts (no commitment needed)
  • Discounts for annual commitment
  • Full administrator  access (Remote desktop)
  • Burstable bandwidth
  • Firewall security capabilities
  • LIVE tech support 24/7/365
  • 100% USA Based Tech Support
  • LIVE MRTG bandwidth reporting
  • Switched network & load balancing
  • Industry best practices in security
  • Level 3 systems administrators
  • 99.999% network uptime SLA
  • Fast Deployment of server
  • SAS Type II data center
  • Servers monitored every 2.5 minutes
  • Setup $299 FREE Set Up

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Colocation Server Hosting

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At American Data Technology, Inc. we offer a full range of managed web hosting solutions to help businesses stay ahead and manage their mission critical applications effectively.

Understanding Managed Colocation

Looking to house your server in a top notch data center without worrying about server security and adminstartion issues?

Server colocation is a cost-effective hosting solution for businesses that have purchased their own web servers but don't have the resources such as a Class A Data Center, qualified support engineers and time to manage them effectively.

Managed colocation hosting at American Data Technology, Inc provides following advantages:

Switched Network

Our network is 100% switched rather than routed. With a hub, packet loss is more likely.

Your benefit: Your server will be more reliable, secure and faster.

Multiple Direct Connections to Internet Backbone

Our data center maintains direct 0C3 & OC 12 connections to the Internet Backbone. Your server will be positioned to utilize these OC3 (155 MBPS) and OC12 (622 MBPS) links for redundant access to the Internet through three major backbone providers: Qwest, Sprint and UUNET.

Your benefit: Your server will have optimal bandwidth and redundancy.

Load Balancing

Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP4): This balances load amongst different carriers and enables the load to be switched seamlessly and instantly. The traffic can be rerouted if network experiences backlog or if a provider's network goes down.

Your benefit: Your server will function as normal even in the case of backlog.

Prime Location

Our corporate offices and Data center are strategically located in Research Triangle Park ( Raleigh-Durham , NC USA ). This is considered the technology hub of America and Brain Bench survey ranked Raleigh - Durham no 3 for IT IQ among all the US cities.

Your benefit: Your server will be placed in an optimal environment

Server Space

Environmentally controlled rack space: Climate-controlled computer room with diesel generator backup. 110 or 220 VAC Power, UPS, diesel generator backup. Fire Sprinkler System, Halon with water backup. Raised floors. Secured 19" enclosed (front and rear) equipment cabinets.

Your benefit: Your server will be placed in first class environment (Class A data center).

Maximum Server Protection

7 x 24 x 365 on-site security patrol. Access restrictions to all parts of the facility. Closed circuit monitoring.

Your benefit: Your server will be protected.

High-End Tech Support

Our technical support team of highly trained staff can handle all dedicated server issues from mundane tasks such as tape back up and rotation to highly complex tasks such as system crisis. Tech support is available via toll free number/e-mail 24x7x365.

Your benefit: This will give you peace of mind and leave you free to focus on building your business empire.

Why Server Clusters Hosting?

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In a nutshell server cluster hosting involves building and deploying multiple servers in a customized clustering environment for high-availability mission critical applications.

Load Balancing

With a load-balancing server cluster, all of the servers act as one unit. A software or computer service acts as the manager, distributing jobs evenly across all of the servers, sometimes with more than one server handling the same task. If something should happen to one of the servers in the cluster, the manager will simply hand that server's assigned tasks off to another server.


When a server cluster is in use, more than one server handles all of the tasks. If your needs grow beyond what you currently have available, another server is simply added to the cluster. There is no service interruptions and down time because the servers in the cluster will continue running tasks. The new server is simply added into the route configuration on the primary server.


Server clusters allow for application failover. With failover, when an application component stops working, for whatever reason, a copy of the component takes over and finishes the task. In the case of a server cluster, there are copies of the application components on more than one server in the cluster. If one stops working, the manager simply hands the application off to the next available copy.

Easier Maintenance

Server clusters allow for easier maintenance of the servers. If there is a problem with a server, it can be disconnected from the cluster by either disconnecting the network cable or turning off the power. Once disconnected, the server can be repaired or replaced. Meanwhile, the other servers in the cluster continue to run processes as long as at least one server from the cluster remains online.

Rolling Upgrades

Server clusters make it easier to upgrade servers or install patches. As with any other maintenance, the servers in the cluster will continue the necessary processes, even if only one server from the cluster remains. Upgrading does not require downtime with a server cluster setup.

Easier Administration

Server clusters typically are set up with a primary server that handles routing and security functions, while the other servers handle the actual operations. This separates web service administration from security and routing administration. Security and routing administration, which is the most frequent, only involves the primary server, simplifying the process and reducing overhead.


Server cluster hosting can also improve functionality of applications if they are too much for one server to handle effectively. For example, an exchange system with several thousand users would create a mail load that is too big for one server. With a server cluster, the load can be split up so that the exchange functions as well as one that is much smaller.

Regardless of the type of web presence you are building, whether e-commerce or a static, informational site, using server cluster hosting can be beneficial. Server cluster hosting helps prevent unwanted downtime and ensures that your site is accessible to your customers. In the long run, faster performance and greater accessibility will translate to more traffic and higher sales

To discuss your unique hosting requirement or if you have any questions, please call 1.800.525.0031 919.525.0031 or +919.544.4101 (international clients) or email

Dedicated Server Hosting- FAQs

These questions have been asked by clients in the past. If you have a specific questions that is not answered here please email or call toll free 1.800.525.0031 (outside USA call 919.544.4101 ) to speak to a professional dedicated server hosting expert.

Dedicated Server: Reliability

We guarantee 99.999% network reliability by the following means:
  • Triple redundant backbone carriers (UUNet, Digex and Time Warner)
  • Dual redundant architecture of all network components such as routers, switches etc.
  • Continuous and automated monitoring 24/7/365, with alarm notifications. All our servers and routers are monitored automatically every 2.5 minutes. We also incorporate monitoring from multiple geographical locations for additional reliability.
  • 100% uptime of clean power is assured via a bank of large capacity battery-backed UPS system, which in turn is backed by a dual 650kw diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch which is capable of switching on within 15 seconds, and running the data without refueling for 5 days (and indefinitely while fuel is available).

Dedicated Server: Hosting Capabilities

Network topology: how direct is your connection to the Internet backbone?
Coming into the data center, we have triple redundant OC3 and OC12 connections from independent providers (UUNet, Time Warner, Digex, UUNet, and/or Sprint, Qwest). Each provider's OC3/OC12 connection comes in over a separate fiber connection and a different entry point into the building. From there, the connections go into a dual redundant mesh of Cisco routers and switches so that there is no single point of failure for any connection, cable, router or switch. The routers operate BGP 4 so that the connection to the Internet is maintained independently and transparently over the best available path over the three providers.

Bandwidth: what kind of Internet connections do you offer for hosting (i.e. T-1, T-3, Oc-3, Ds-S, etc?) Please explain your cost structure for bandwidth allocation and also how do you determine usage.

The data centers have triple redundant OC3 connections (155Mbps). Each server has a 100 Mbps connection to this OC3 backbone, and can burst up to 10Mbps.
The OC3 (155 Mbs) connections are less than 60% utilized, i.e. there is sufficient spare capacity for most applications. A typical web server uses anything from a few Gigabytes per month to 300-500 gigabytes per month, which is less than 1-2 Mbps per server for the busiest servers. Most servers use a small fraction of 1 Mbps bandwidth.

Dedicated Server: Security

Systems Security
As an Internet and Web Service Provider we are very cognizant of the insecure nature of the Internet. We have numerous security practices in place, such as:
  • Security coded into the border routers for IP address spoofing
  • Firewalls placed at strategic locations throughout the network. We have several hardware firewalls such as Cisco PIX, NetGear, Sonicwall, and others.
  • Network Intrusion Detection devices to detect suspicious activity
  • Daily scanning of key servers by an independent organization ("") for the latest vulnerabilities for all our operating systems i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Applying vendor security patches promptly as and when they are announced. For example we just upgraded over 60 Windows servers yesterday with the latest Windows security patches.
  • Ensuring that our system administrators and technicians are up to date with the latest security techniques and issues.

Dedicated Server: Back ups

Back ups: please explain methods used and back up frequency.
  • Internal server backup: The server's system, data and user disk drives would most likely be configured in RAID arrays (RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 etc.) to protect against hardware failure of individual disk drives. In addition, the server has an additional volume of suitable size where daily and weekly backups can be stored on an automated basis. Restoration is manual, and could be either controlled by the Customer or by ADTI staff on request.
  • Backup to an external storage array network ( SAN ): All servers requiring backup could be connected to a central SAN (over a high-speed gigabit network), which in turn consists of RAID disk arrays to protect against disk drive failures, and is also backed up regularly to tape. This has the advantage that each server does not need to have additional internal storage space for backups, and the backup storage is saved on a secure, protected device independent of the server. ADTI can make SAN space available in chunks of 25GB, up to 4 terabytes of space on an EMC Clarion CX400, as well as other smaller SAN devices and arrays.
  • Backup to an external tape drive or array library: This will provide a similar level of backup and recovery as an internal server backup, but with the difference that the storage media is a tape which can be removed, cataloged and stored separately for indefinite storage.
  • Backup to tape with off-site storage: ADTI can arrange to have tapes saved and shipped to a secure, off-site facility for safe storage and recall, on a daily, weekly, monthly or other schedule as desired by Customer.
  • Backup to a clustered server, in a "fail-over" configuration: The cluster could be configured in "active-passive" or "active-active with load balancing". This would provide rapid recovery from server failures.

Dedicated Server: Scalability

Scalability: how quickly can you provide our organization with more processing power, storage space, and bandwidth?
ADTI's data center space has about 3000 - 4000 square feet of available space. The total data center space is 8000 square feet. ADTI has space available in a second, independent 10,000 square foot facility that is geographically distant from the first facility (about 10 miles away), which operates on a completely independent network infrastructure. More bandwidth can be added as desired.

Dedicated Server: Data Transfer

Data Transfer: please explain the types of accesses available to clients (i.e. FTP, Telnet, etc.)
Customers can access their sites through a variety of methods:
  • FTP: all accounts (virtual, dedicated, Linux, Windows), password and directory protected. This allows customers to upload and download their content. FTP access is unlimited.
  • SSH (secure shell): Linux accounts, dedicated and virtual. Access is password protected, and the session is encrypted.
  • Remote Desktop / Terminal Server: Windows 2008 dedicated servers only. Customers can access their server as if they were standing at the console at the server. This is for server administration access only. Dedicated server "users" will need additional terminal Server licensing.
  • Root /administrator access: This is available to dedicated server customers only. Linux customers have root access via SSH. Windows customers have "Administrator" access via Remote Desktop / Terminal Server.

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For questions relating to e-rate services or invoices please contact our erate department 1-800-525-0031 ext 103 or via e-mail

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