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Why E-Rate?

E-rate allows Schools and Libraries in the US and territories to receive discount from 20-90% of the eligible services. Discounts for applicants are based on the percentage of students eligible for the National School Lunch Program.

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) administers the Universal Service Fund (USF) as governed by The Federal Communication Commission (FCC). School and Libraries Division (SLD) is responsible for administering the e-rate program.


All elementary and secondary schools as defined within the Elementary and Secondary Education Act are covered. Private schools are eligible as long as they are not operated as a for-profit business and do not have an endowment exceeding $50 million. Individual schools, school districts and consortia are eligible applicants.


Public libraries as defined in the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) are also eligible. This includes individual library branches, library facilities, library systems and library consortia.


Why trust us with your school web hosting and email services?

ADTI is a current provider of web hosting, exchange email hosting and email filtering services to school districts nationwide (SPIN 143026382).

We are also providing secure, reliable FISMA (Federal Information Security Management ACT) compliant web services for the
United States Department of Education.

Here are sample testimonial from our clients in education (more references can be furnished upon request).


Speed and Reliability:


"As a private school serving K-12, in a geographic area in which parents look first to the internet for information about private schools, the speed and reliability of our website is crucial.

Ten years ago, we chose American Data Technology to host our site, and for our email services, and we have stayed with them ever since. Their excellent service and customer support have met and surpassed our needs."

Alice Armstrong,
Emerson Waldorf School- Chapel Hill, NC
Web hosting and email customer since February 1999

High Availability Website:


"American Data Technology gets the highest marks from us. Our school's website loads quickly and has never experienced any downtime. Their tech support is knowledgeable, and they are always available to answer our questions. It is rare to get such personalized service in a hosting company. "

Jewish Community Day School
Web hosting and email customer since 2009

Knowledgeable Tech Support:


"ADTI has an 'extremely generous' level of support and it's been one of my best decisions to switch to them."

Steve Bergen CIO and Computer Teacher
The Children's Storefront

Our Advantage

CIPA Compliant Hosted Exchange and POP3 Email

All of our exchange emails hosting and student safe POP 3 email solutions for schools are CIPA compliant. CIPA refers to Children Internet’s Protection Act. All schools and libraries that apply to receive e-Rate discounts are required to demonstrate CIPA compliance before they can be approved for e-Rate discounts. Having a secure and protective email infrastructure in place is an important part of that compliance.

Certified E-rate service Provider

ADTI is certified e-rate service provider for exchange email hosting. Our SPIN is 143026382. We have helped several school districts maximize the collaborating tools of Microsoft exchange email infrastructure in order to improve communication and productivity within campuses as well as with the main school district.

Anti-spam/anti-virus software

We can configure and deploy anti-spam and anti-virus software that include features such as content filtering and filtering of attachments by file type and extensions.

Service level Agreement (SLA) of 99.999%

Email is critical to an organization’s success. It has to be accessible – 24/7/365. Our hosted exchange and POP 3 email solutions for staff is secure and reliable.

Back up/restoration of data

We can restore data in case of data corruption.

Industry best practices in monitoring/reporting

All monitoring and reporting activities are in accordance with industry best practices. All server activity is monitored every 2.5 minutes from three different geographical locations to ensure maximum operability of exchange and POP 3 emails.

Redundant bandwidth

We allocate sufficient bandwidth not just to accommodate routine traffic but also a certain pre agreed percentage for spikes in activity. Additional bandwidth can be added seamlessly.

Robust infrastructure

We use two data centers for optimal redundancy. Both data centers SAS Type II certified and have on site surveillance 24/7/365.

Benefits of Student Safe Email

  • Spam protection - Objectionable Emails can be quarantined.
  • Anti-virus protection - Potentially harmful viruses can be removed.
  • Security - CIPA (Children Protection Internet Act) compliant emails.
  • Domain blocking - Certain domains can be blocked and blacklisted for safety.
  • 100% redundancy - Complex infrastructure enables maximum email continuity.
  • Professional Service - Extensive back up protocol. POP3 emails.

Benefits of Exchange Email for School Staff

All of our exchange emails hosting solutions for schools are CIPA compliant. CIPA refers to Children Internet’s Protection Act. All schools and libraries that apply to receive e-Rate discounts are required to demonstrate CIPA compliance before they can be approved for e-Rate discounts. Having a secure and protective email infrastructure in place is an important part of that compliance. ADTI is certified e-rate service provider for exchange email hosting.

We have several school districts that are utilizing the collaborating tools of Microsoft exchange email infrastructure to improve communication within campuses as well as with the main school district. All email is filtered and comes with spam and virus protection. We have special academic pricing for Microsoft exchange emails for schools. Please email us with your unique requirement at

Senders can be approved or blocked:

Sender List: Approved Addresses will allow senders to bypass the junk email filters. Blocked Addresses will keep messages from reaching your inbox.
















Benefits of School Web Hosting

  • A website markets your school 24/7/365
  • A good web host can provide scalable solution. Start with email accounts and web space that you need. At American Data Technology, Inc. we can provide you with additional web space, bandwidth and emails as you need them. We can also recommend more cost effective solutions such as migrating to a dedicated server as your school grows larger.
  • Emails@your schooldomain for faculty and staff members. Student-Safe Emails can also be provided.
  • Emails should be CIPA compliant and filtered to remove objectionable emails and spam.
  • Anti-virus protection ensures that viruses are stopped before they infect your valuable documents and emails.

We provide several options in attractive website design (we can design logos too) and hosting such as virtual server hosting, Exchange Email hosting, Managed Dedicated server etc.

Please call one of our experts at 1.800.525.0031 or 919-544-4101 or email

We are committed to helping schools grow in the 21srt century. Internet is a critical marketing tool. Your school’s website is where visitors form first impression about your school. Your school website should provide a summary of school achievements and merits. In addition, it should have intuitive navigation structure, visual depth and elegant style.

At American Data Technology, Inc. our professional designers strive to convey unique personality, strengths the core value of your school. We take pride in our creative talent and technical expertise. In the end it is you –the client that benefits.

School Website Design

Building a creative and lasting website for schools is a multi dimensional project – one that needs to be planned and executed within timelines set and budgets. You as a client are kept informed about progess of school website project and your feed back is sought at regular intervals so that the end result matches your vision of your school website.

Need-Assessment: In order to create a customized website that portrays your school mission. Our professional web designer need to learn more about your school. For example, the breadth of your courses and curriculum offerings, variety of extracurricular activities, community outreach programs etc.
We have a brief questionnaire that asks your vision for school website, what web tools you are looking for.

Building a theme: All websites for schools have a specific theme. Theme can include site navigation structure, specific colors and so on. In order to have a unified appearance, it is important for a district website’s theme to be consistent with those individual school campuses.

Design layout: Once we have a good grasp of your vision for your school website, the nature of your school and its core value we are ready to start building the website. This stage involves building design concepts, intuitive navigational structure, home page and interior pages, placing of quotes, photographs etc. We will present you with few different design concepts that will have visual depth and creative elements to enhance your school website.

Content management: More and more schools are using content management web sites.  With tight educational budgets and constraints this can be a huge savings for schools. With content management system, it is easy to update information instead of hiring a full time dedicated web master to maintain website. For example, message from school principal may need to be updated on regular basis.

Web tools: We can incorporate following tools on school websites. Web tools to enhance the digital learning platform of your school:

  • Comprehensive online forms for students and faculty members such as vacation requests, expense reports etc.
  • Secure students registration and collection of tuition.
  • Portal that can display announcements, newsletters, school wide events.
  • Teacher’s pages that provide ability for teachers to add variety of content such as homework assignments, calendars, documents and multimedia content.
  • Slide show of photographs such as annual summer picnic at school.
  • Tools for parents and teachers communications

E-Rate Web Services - FAQs

Application Check List

American Data Technology, Inc. provides quality erate web hosting, erate exchange hosting, and erate email services under Priority one - Internet access category.

Pre-Application Process

  • DO Update your contact information with the Client Services Bureau (1-888-203-8100)
  • DO make sure that your technology plan covers the complete upcoming funding year.
  • DO verify that your technology plan has the 5 required elements: Goals, Professional Development, Needs Assessment, Budget, and Evaluation Process.
  • DO write your technology plan before filing the Form 470.
  • DO have a certified tech plan approver certify your technology plan before services start.

Form 470 and Competitive Bidding

  • DON'T allow a service provider that may bid on your services to fill out your FORM 470.0
  • DON'T wait until the Form 471 window opens to file your Form 470.
  • DO list your requested services on your Form 470- or your RFP if you have one.
  • DO list your requested services in the correct categories of service (Telecommunications, Internet Access, Internal Connections, or Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections).
  • DO mark the correct boxes in Block 2 for multi-year contracts and/or voluntary extensions.
  • DO certify your Form 470 prior to the close of the Form 471 application window.
  • DO ensure a fair and competitive bidding process. All service providers must be treated equally and cannot be given biased or privileged knowledge of the bid.
  • DO select the most cost-effective service provider, with price as the primary factor.
  • DO keep ALL records relating to the bid evaluation process (winning and losing bids, worksheets, evaluation criteria, contract). Note in a memo if one (or no) bids are received.
  • DON'T sign a contract until the Form 470 has been posted for 28 days.
  • DO remember that contracts must be signed and dated by both parties before filing the Form 471.

Form 471

  • DO verify that services ordered match the category requested on the correct Form 470.
  • DO file separate Form 471 applications for Priority 1 services and Priority 2 services.
  • DO read the Eligible Services List and request discounts only on eligible services.
  • DO complete your Item 21 Attachment and include the pre-discount prices of the services.
  • DO split out requests of questionable eligibility into Separate Funding Request Numbers (FRNs).
  • DO check your math. The Form 471 and the Item 21 attachment totals should match.
  • DO file electronically and DO certify online before the close of the window.
  • DO keep a record of postmark or electronic submission.

For additional information, please use the USAC resources listed below:
Technology plan approvers:
Form 470 questions:
Calculating discount levels:
Form 471 questions:


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If you would like a customized hosting package, please email your requirements and contact information to Alternatively, you can contact one of friendly knowledgeable technicians at 1-800-525-0031 or 919-544-4101. All of our highly skilled USA based technicians hold government security clearance and are readily available to help you 24/7/365.



Technical Support:

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Web Design:

For questions relating to web design, web maintenance, or a free consultation for your new website, please contact our web design department 1-800-525-0031 ext 116 or via e-mail

E-Rate Services:

For questions relating to e-rate services or invoices please contact our erate department 1-800-525-0031 ext 103 or via e-mail

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2. Support: 100% USA based 24/7/365 tech support.

3. Reliability: Our servers have 99.999% network uptime...


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