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Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Overview

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hosted Email Service is powerful collaboration software that comes with features such as shared calendars, public folders, task management etc. It also allows users to safely and securely log into your emails from anywhere with following benefits:

  • Easily delegate tasks to subordinates.
  • Communicate with your customers and partners securely at all times.
  • Check and update your calendar and share it with designated colleagues.
  • Synchronize your PDA and handheld devices to read emails from anywhere.
  • Assign tasks and check completion status online.

Features of ADTI Exchange Email Solution

  • Outlook 2010 and OWA Compatibility
    • Send/Receive
    • Pop/SMTP/IMAP
    • OWA (Outlook Web Access)
    • Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks
  • Mac Compatibility
    • Mac Mail compatible (no additional charge)
    • Mac Entourage 2008 compatible (no additional charge)
  • PDA / Mobile Devices
    • ActiveSync/DirectPush for PDA devices (no additional charge)
    • BES Blackberry support via BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) is optionally available at $9.99 per month per BES user.

Why trust us with your exchange email hosting?

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1) Security

Safely and securely log into your emails from anywhere-- anytime. Your confidential information stays that way. Additionally, you can:

  • Synchronize your PDA and handheld devices to read emails from anywhere
  • Assign tasks and check completion status online.
  • Schedule meetings. Availability of attendees as well as meeting rooms and equipment can be checked online and booked.
  • Check and update your calendar and share it with designated colleagues

Our approach to providing physical and networking for servers goes beyond simple security tasks and activities. Our approach to network security is based on “defense in depth”. This involves layering a variety of technical security mechanisms such that if one is breached the other protective systems carry on the task of protecting the network. Data centers have online 24/7/365 security guards and surveillance cameras that provide physical support.

2) Wireless Mobile Devices

Synchronize your exchange email with wireless devices for increased communication and productivity. Direct Push technology offers instant delivery of your messages to your mobile device from the Exchange server.

Calendars, contacts and emails can be synchronized with mobile devices so that you are in touch with clients and suppliers-- at all times. Our hosted wireless email services offer mobility and security for devices such as Blackberry, Droid, iPhone, Treo etc.

3) Experience

Trust your exchange email hosting to a provider that is certified by Microsoft, SBA and Schools and Libraries division. We have many exchange email hosting clients that have thousands of users and require absolute email reliability and security. Email is life and blood of organizations in today’s world. Businesses use email to communicate and transact effectively with clients and suppliers.

4) Performance:

Your exchange email hosting is optimized by the following:

  • Blended Bandwidth: ADTI uses different carriers so traffic is always routed through to the most efficient carrier.
  • Redundant internet connectivity: High performance infrastructure to meet your mission-critical applications demand.
  • Total hardware and software support: Save thousands of dollars of in-house costs of equipment and experienced staff. Exchange email servers deployment, maintenance and administration can be very complex and tedious.
  • Service Guarantee: 99.9% uptime for Microsoft Exchange Server hosting.

5) Reliability:

Our data centers provide maximum reliability for exchange servers. Power from the mains grid enters the data center via suitably sized power conditioning devices so that all AC and DC power going to the cabinets in the data center is clean and steady within 0.5% (one half of one percent) of tolerance with absolutely no spikes or brownouts. In addition, there are four large UPS systems on the data center floor, which are capable of maintaining the data center for up to 45 minutes on full load.

It comes down to business economics. In- house email administration costs include the cost of owning hardware, software licensing fees, skilled administrators and training. Outsourcing email administration is an attractive option for many business owners as the cost per mailbox (email user) is a fraction of the cost.

Exchange Hosting Plans

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Exchange email hosting is an effective collaboration tool between employees, customers and partners.  With American Data Technology, Inc. enterprise-class hosted email services small and mid size businesses can leverage Microsoft Exchange server‘s easy to use technology to improve email security, productivity and communication.

It comes down to business economics. In- house email administration costs include the cost of owning hardware, software licensing fees, skilled administrators and training. Outsourcing email administration is an attractive option for many business owners as the cost per mailbox (email user) is a fraction of the cost.

Storage Area Network Used with Exchange Servers

We have dedicated SAN devices, each of about 1 Terabyte or more, which is solely for the use of Customers' backups. We also have additional expansion capability for SAN storfage of up to 4 Terabytes per SAN.

Spam Filtering Options with Exchange Servers

Our spam filtering services are performed on a separate set of servers independent of the Exchange server. This ensures a zero footprint and load on the Exchange server, maximizing the performance and response of your Exchange server.

Sample Plans

Below are sample plans for exchange server hosting. We have wide variety of exchange email hosting clients -- requiring few email accounts to few thousands per month. We can provide a no cost no obligation quote for your organization’s specific exchange email needs.

Dedicated Exchange Server Plus
(Recommended for up to 50 users)


  • Windows 2008
  • Exchange Enterprise 2010
  • Intel P4 3.0GHz
  • 100GB HD Space


  • $450 (Waived with Annual Contract)

Monthly Cost

  • $299 + $5.99/user

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Dedicated Exchange Server Enterprise
(Recommended for up to 100 users)


  • Windows 2008
  • Exchange Enterprise 2010
  • Intel Xeon 3.0GHz
  • 300GB HD Space


  • $550 (Waived with Annual Contract)

Monthly Cost

  • $399 + $5.99/user

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Individual Mailbox Plans
(Affordable Exchange Hosting)


  • 2000 MB (2GB) Mailbox
  • Fully Compatible With Outlook 2003/2010/2013
  • Includes Send/Receive, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc.
  • Includes ActiveSync for Mobile Devices (iPhone, Android etc.)
  • Includes Spam/Virus Filtering
  • Daily and Weekly Backups
  • Month to Month Contract
  • No Minimum Quantity
  • Secure, Reliable, Enterprise Cloud Data Center

Monthly Cost

  • $9.99/month

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Stay connected to your customers with Blackberry

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American Data Technology has years of experience in providing Blackberry Enterprise Server Hosting (BES Hosting). As for applications, BES is the world’s leading platform for wireless email. and via instant messaging and a personal information manager. Blackberry server hosting allows you to be continuously connected to wireless network so that you can get notifications of emails, attachments and calendars events right away.

Implementing a hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server means that you have software which will act as the centralized liaison / link between enterprise applications, wireless devices and a wireless network. In plain terms, it provides the corporation or organization push-based wireless access for Microsoft Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar and scheduling; Microsoft Office Communicator, Live Communications Server (LCS), and instant messaging. It also provides them with wireless access for Java® ME and Web Services applications. There are other applications, too, but these are the primary ones.

BES strives to give its corporate users maximum security. It provides Advanced Encryption Standard as well as Triple Data Encryption Standard Encryption to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of information transmitted wirelessly--from devices behind a firewall to those out in the field. It has support for over 450 wireless IT commands and policies which enable administrators to enforce security settings wirelessly.

BES also reduces administrative overhead and increases IT productivity by enabling centralized management and control, including group- and role-based administration capabilities.
Benefits of having your Blackberry Server Hosting with us are:

  • Blackberry push email service can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange server so that Outlook, Tasks, Calendars and Emails can be synchronized.
  • Prices for Blackberry server hosting is $9.99/month per user. There are no minimum user’s requirements. You can add additional new users as you need them. We also provide Dedicated Blackberry Server.
  • Managing a secure wireless architecture requires an in-depth knowledge of networks, wireless devices and so on. American Data Technology, Inc. is a proud “Alliance Member with Research in Motion.”

To get started please email with your BES hosting requirements.

Exchange Server Hosting FAQs

Exchange Server: Security

Describe your hardware/software security practices for Exchange Server hosting, including spam filtering and virus scanning services.
With servers hosted at ADTI's network, security is provided by ADTI at the network level, server level, and the application level. At the network level, a Cisco Pix firewall and other network security, router and intrusion detection hardware devices are normally used. At the server level, software security updates, guidelines and "Best Practices" are applied to the server. At the application level, active, a third-party commercial spam and virus filtering service is used to ensure that the user's email boxes are free of viruses and unwanted email.

Exchange Server: Monitoring  

Describe the process by which you monitor Exchange Servers.
All our servers are automatically monitored from at least three separate locations, every 5 minutes, 24/7/365. We have one automated monitoring system in each of our two data centers (which are on entirely separate and independent networks), and in addition we have external independent third party monitoring from Red Alert, of Keynote Systems (the industry leader in Internet monitoring services).

We utilize diverse software for monitoring, both Windows based and UNIX based. Each server is monitored for basic "ping" as well as for application level services such as http, POP3, SMTP, etc. as applicable to the server. When a problem is detected, our monitoring systems alert the tech support staff on duty via alarm enunciators as well as email pager systems on two redundant cell phone systems.

Exchange Server: Back up  

How often do you backup email and domain data?
In our data center, all servers and their data are fully backed up once a week, and differential backups are performed daily. Email data is backed up daily but is not retained once the customer has downloaded and deleted the mailbox contents, as the sheer volume of such data would amount to terabytes per week.

Domain data is backed up with the servers. Because of the nature of our web hosting infrastructure, each of our dedicated servers is on its own private domain and remains (and must remain) isolated from all other servers. This isolation is maintained in the backups.

Exchange Server: Location

Where is NOC located?
Each of the two data center spaces has its own NOC , and each NOC is an integral part of the data center space. The two data center spaces are about 10 miles apart. The data centers are strategically located in Research Triangle Park , North Carolina, recognized as one of the top 5-10 technology hubs in the United States .

Exchange Server: Configuration  

Describe your configuration of front-end or back-end servers used in conjunction with your managed Exchange servers.
ADTI maintains a clustered backup solution with RAID redundant storage systems for the mailboxes, and an external secondary "MX" store-and-forward backup in addition to the clustered solution.

Exchange Server: Support

What on-line administrative tool is available for managing user accounts?
Online Administration Tool: This tool has two levels: Administrator, and User. Users can change their individual preferences, display names, enable or disable email forwarding, etc. In addition to all the features they can configure directly via their Outlook 2003. Administrators can perform additional functions such as adding, deleting or editing existing users, global contacts, change or apply permissions to public folders and sub folders, mailbox size limits, etc.

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If you would like a customized hosting package, please email your requirements and contact information to Alternatively, you can contact one of friendly knowledgeable technicians at 1-800-525-0031 or 919-544-4101. All of our highly skilled USA based technicians hold government security clearance and are readily available to help you 24/7/365.



Technical Support:

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For questions relating to web design, web maintenance, or a free consultation for your new website, please contact our web design department 1-800-525-0031 ext 116 or via e-mail

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For questions relating to e-rate services or invoices please contact our erate department 1-800-525-0031 ext 103 or via e-mail

"ADTI has provided excellent service for our business and we intend to add more servers as our business grows."

-Hal B.
Owner of HJB Design Services
Dedicated Hosting Customer


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