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Web Design Portfolio

By utilizing the latest web design technology and tools we can help you stand out from the rest giving you an extra edge over your competition. Here are some examples of our past design projects.

M. Hannah Law

"From start to finish, the design team at American Data Technology was easy to work with, professional and creative. I am very pleased with the dependability of the webhosting, the helpfulness of the technical support department, and have received many compliments on my website."

-Mike H.

Website Design Date 2009


Analytical Solutions Inc.

"The website does look very nice."
-Kailas T.

Website Design Date 2009


Afex Inc.

"Waooo my wife and I like it a lot, and we both agree that the color is perfect."
-Edward L.

Website Design Date 2008


Apex Printing Company

"Things are going really well with our site. Everyone seems to be really pleased with it."
-Hayden W.

Website Design Date 2007


Fern Pet Products

-Toby and Carol D.

Website Design Date 2010


The Terraces at Brookmeade

-Bonita P.

Website Design Date 2008


Arborridge Living

-Bonita P.

Website Design Date 2006


Chestnut Commons Laser Wash

-John C.

Website Design Date 2007


Web Design Process

It is important to have a quality website to make your pressence known on the internet. Below is a description of the 8 steps we take to make a website you can be proud of.

1) Initial Meeting and Sketches

In the first meeting, it is important to get an idea of the project requirements and a general idea of the design. This includes the number of pages, colors, any specific images, overall look and feel, any special features such as CMS, and project timeframe.

    • General Project Idea
    • Specific Requirements
    • Overall Look and Feel

2) Mock-Ups


Using these sketches and the information collected from the meeting, a couple of mockups are created and sent back for the client to review. Stock images are used in this step as flavor and are purchased later upon request.

3) Client Feedback


After the mockups have been reviewed, and feedback has been received we get to work implementing the feedback.

4) Revised Mock Ups


Once the feedback has been applied, a second stage of mockups are created and sent for review.

This process goes on until the client approves a final design.

5) Converting to HTML



Once the final design is approved we begin work converting the design into HTML and CSS.

When the first stage of the HTML website has been completed, we convert the content we've been given by the client into HTML and put it onto their respective page. To do this, we will set up content headers, text colors, and insert links to other pages were requested. Navigation links and page titles are also created at this step.

Key Points:

    • Convert Design to HTML
    • Create Navigation and Pages

6) Programming



Any custom programming such as contact forms, CMS, photo galleries, or calanders are created in this stage.

7) Testing

Each website is tested in the most common browsers, such as Internet Expolorer, Safari, and Firefox, to optimize preformance. If any display errors are found, they are fixed before moving to the next stage.

Programming, navigation links, and each page are individually tested to make sure they are working properly.


8) Final Product



After testing the website, purchasing any stock images, and a final review from both client and designer, the website is ready to go live. All the website files will be uploaded to a hosts server and any e-mail accounts for the website will be created.

Congratulations, on your new website!

To get started call us at 800-525-0031 or email



American Data Technology, Inc. is proud to announce its participation in the ISOC (Internet Society) IPv6 World Day, June 8th, 2011. As a premier provider of hosting services since 1995, ADTI is committed to bringing you the very best of technology, today and into the future. IPv6 is available to all of ADTI’s hosting customers.

  ipv6 ready















Spam Filtering Services

As the internet industry growing rapidly so are the attacks on the servers. Users experience the relief of knowing that they are more secure against spam and virus attacks. We at American Data Technology, Inc. offer users this security.

If you host your Website or have an existing web hosting account with ADTI, you are eligible for the ADTI discount price on email filtering services. Please refer to the chart below for more details.

Email Filtering
Features and Benefits
  • All servers are monitored every 2.5 minutes from different geographical locations around the globe
  • Security patches are installed routinely
  • Email filtering services are offered at $1/month per user
  • All inbound emails are filtered through an external filtering system
  • All suspicious emails are quarantined
  • A user can modify default filtering settings
  • Easy to use web-based email control panel.
  • Nothing to install on your computer
  • No need to buy any software
  • No need to change your web hosting
  • No need to change your email provider
  • No need to change your ISP
  • No need to reconfigure your existing passwords
  • No need to change anything about the way you use email
  • No need to buy any other services from us
Filtered Mailbox Plans
(Included in hosting plans)


  • 1 Mailbox filtered for FREE.

Platinum Premium

  • 5 Mailbox filtered for FREE.

Platinum Enterprise, Dedicated & Colocation

  • 10 Mailbox filtered for FREE.

Additional Filtered Boxes

  • $1/month

Non-ADTI Client

  • $2/month per filtered mailbox

If you have more than 25 email addresses requiring spam control, please fax or email the complete list to us. Our fax number is 919-544-5345 and our email is







Domain Registration

We are offering low cost, hassle-free domain name registration in competition with the biggest domain name company via a fully ICANN accredited domain name registrar.

Domain Registration Services:

Domain Registration
ICANN accredited

Standard Features

URL Redirector
ICANN accredited

Standard Features

  • Redirect your newly registered (or existing) domain to any URL in the world,
  • Includes domain name registration fees (registration is FREE), 5 POP3 email boxes and unlimited aliases.
  • $49 year / $29 year with no email
  • Add a new URL for your website
  • Redirect an existing domain
  • Redirect to ANY URL address
  • Redirect to a remote subdirectory
  • Pass CGI parameters
  • Redirect multiple domains
  • Enable multiple websites
  • Sign Up Today!




Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment service provides valuable information about IT security risks in network infrastructure. Based on detailed vulnerability assessment analysis report, proactive strategies can then be implemented to fortify and protect organizations' critical assets.

Penetration Testing

We will scan your server(s) just as a hacker or attacker would, using databases and techniques that are up to date with
the latest security information available to hackers. Following the scanning and assessment, we will send you a detailed and confidential report of the security assessment, with recommendations. After you have had a chance to close all the security issues, we will perform a second scan to ensure that there are no remaining issues.

COST: $499 for the first server, $199 for each additional server to be assessed.

Quantity discounts available for more than 10 servers

Server Security Scanning

We will perform security scans on a daily,
weekly or monthly basis and send you the reports.

COST: $69 per month for daily scans, $39/mo for weekly scans and $29/mo
for monthly scans.

Server Security Hardening

Whether your server is on our network or elsewhere, we can perform a detailed security hardening service where we will identify and patch, fix or update any operating system components
to fix any security loopholes that might exist.

COST: $999 per server.

Server Forensics

If you have had a security incident and need an analysis of what happened, how to fix it and how to best prevent this and other network security incidents in the future, you can count on us. We have helped many customers in the past. You can be assured that all our analysis will be performed with the utmost of confidentiality and security for your business needs.

COST: $1500 per server per day (typical analysis is completed within one day).

Network Security Installation

We will assess your existing network, make several alternative recommendations as to what can be added, removed or changed to ensure a secure network, and optionally purchase,
install and configure any needed hardware and software components such as firewalls (DMZ, proxy, interior, exterior etc.), network intrusion detection systems, and other equipment. We will also train you in how to maintain the security equipment from here on out, or take on the regular maintenance of that equipment if that is your preference.

COST : Please email or call 800-525-0031 (within USA and Canada ) or 919-544-4101.

Backup Service Benefits

According to the latest statistics, 43% of businesses who experience data loss do not reopen after the loss. In addition, over one-third of all unplanned downtime is due to human error. With so much at stake, it is essential to consider the benefits of using backup services for your business.

1. Cost

Using backup services for your business is more cost-effective than performing backup services for yourself. Backup service providers are able to purchase storage solutions and software licenses in volume, and they are able to afford larger capacity storage products. By using backup services, your business is able to take advantage of large-scale buying power without the need for up-front cash outlay. In addition to saving the initial expenses, your business will not be responsible for paying for upgrades or replacements in the future.

2. Staff

Not only do you save money on hardware and software by using backup services, but also you save money on the staff performing the backup. By using backup services, you will have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff taking care of installation, configuration, maintenance, and repairs, but you won't be required to hire or pay those employees. Backups are done for you, with support staff tailoring a backup solution to your needs. The backup services staff will even notify you if there are any problems of which you need to be aware.

3. Scalability

Backup services for your business can be tailored to meet your needs, with backup being available for any number of systems. In addition, backup services solutions can grow with your business, preventing you from needing to change services every time you expand.

4. Off-site

Using backup services for your business means that your important data is stored somewhere other than your office. In the event of a major disaster, backup devices located on-site could be damaged or destroyed, creating the same loss of data against which you were trying to guard. If your backup is located off-site, however, you can easily restore operations to the last backup point, regardless of what happens to your business location.

5. Continuous backup

Backup services provide continuous data backup for your business. With traditional backup methods, backup is completed in batches, leaving room for significant data loss if error, damage or disaster takes place during or between batches. With continuous backup, there is a very small amount of time during which any data can be lost, ensuring a complete and accurate recovery of your business information.

6. Fast recovery

Using backup services allows your business to recover data within minutes. Most backup services offer several types of delivery for restoring information, as well as keeping multiple file versions. Many backup service providers even offer one-button data recovery to help you get back to business quickly and easily.

7. No tapes

With traditional backup methods, especially those you perform yourself, data is backed up using tapes. With backup services, you do not have the hassle of dealing with tapes or backing up the data. Recovery does not involve tapes begin transported, and there is no issue of having files on multiple tapes. As an added benefit, backup services save you the heartbreak of discovering corrupted and incomplete data on tapes that have experienced mechanical or environment-related failures.

8. Critical file storage

Many backup services also offer the option of storing critical files and programs in addition to storing the backup files. In the event of a major mishap, the off-site storage will allow you to quickly restore files and programs that are required for keeping your business running smoothly.

9. Support

When using backup services, you have access to customer and technical support. If issues arise with your scheduled backups, you have trouble accessing your backup, or you have difficulty in restoring your system, you have someone to call. Not just support for hardware or software, support from backup services understand your business and your needs, enabling them to give you the help you need, when you need it.

10. Fast setup

Performing your own backup service means installing necessary hardware and software, figuring out how to operate all of it, and then starting the backup process. Throughout the process, you have to hope that you are doing it all correctly and that files will actually get backed up. With backup services, the service provider can have your account set up, ready to start backing up files and programs within a matter of minutes. You'll know the system is working because you will receive emails alerting you of the backup and providing details of the files backed up and notifying you if there are any problems.

While backup services are not always cheap, the benefits of the service far outweigh the cost. Using backup services keeps your business running because it ensures that your data is always available.

Why Choose SharePoint?

A SharePoint server can store all of a department's data in one convenient centralized location. This provides a secure platform for easy collaboration of sensitive documents, file sharing, tasks, events and contact. Get more done in less time; make collaboration easy and simple—around the corner or around the world. Our hosted SharePoint services offer the following benefits:

  • Set up alerts that will notify users when any documents or information are changed, or have been added to improve collaboration between team members.
  • Authors decide how documents are distributed and how they are used by others.
  • Use audio, video, e-mail or instant message to exchange information and ideas instantly.
  • Built-in lists for sharing information, contacts, tasks and announcements.
  • Create photo libraries to share project-related graphics and photos, as well as document libraries to share project documents.
  • SharePoint sites is searchable, also, making it even easier for users to find the documents and information they need.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office.
  • Users can add members, assign tasks, and edit documents.

SharePoint Hosting Plans

Below are sample plans for SharePoint server hosting. We have wide variety of exchange email hosting clients -- requiring few email accounts to few thousands per month. We can provide a no cost no obligation quote for your organization’s specific SharePoint needs.


SharePoint Business Pro
Shared Server) $29/month

Standard Features

  • WSS 3.0
  • 300Mb Storage
  • Up to 5 users, $1/mo per additional user
  • 6 GB Traffic monthly transfer
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • FREE set up (limited time)
  • FREE 24x7x365 Technical support
  • Annual Discounted Rate: $319/year (FREE set up & FREE month)


SharePoint Enterprise Pro
(Dedicated Server) 399/month

Standard Features

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Dedicated Windows Server
  • Intel CPU 2.4 GHz or better
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 GB space
  • 100 GB per month Data Transfer
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • FREE set up (limited time)
  • FREE 24x7x365 Technical support
  • COST: $349 per month plus $29 per month per user

SharePoint Plans 500 Users

For 500 users we can provide a server with 500GB usable space, for $1899 per month.  One time setup fee is $999 which we will waive on annual commitment.  You will still get our 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  This will include TWO physical servers (not Virtual Servers): a front end web server running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (or 2007) and a back end server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

We can also provide a WSS 3.5 server for 500 users, for $599 per month for a single server solution with 250GB of space, or $899 per month for a dual server solution with 500GB space (a front end web server running WSS and a back end database server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008).

If you want to order one of the above packages or customize a server for your unique requirements, please email or call 1.800.525.0031 or 919-544-4101.

1. Experience: 17 years as a web hosting provider.

2. Support: 100% USA based 24/7/365 tech support.

3. Reliability: Our servers have 99.999% network uptime...



A+ BBB Rating